How will I take care of my Windshield?

If you have recently had your windshield replaced, you will need to take good care of it. Even though the latter can be a daunting thing to do for many, some tips and tricks in this article will help. Remember the goal is to prevent unnecessary damage on your windshield. The following are the tips and tricks of doing so.

You need to be gentle.
Don’t just have it replaced, and then you hit the road immediately. You will need to take some time. You can take at least 60 minutes. The importance of doing the latter is to enable the windshield parts to hold firm. A failure to doing so would mean that the windshield will not hold firmly to the frame. The latter process risks the windshield from breaking down. It will be a waste of money to ask auto glass repair to replace windshields within 24 hours.
You need to keep the windshield retention tape in place.
If you remove the retention tape, your car won’t look ugly. Even so, it needs to be there for some time. It plays a major role than it looks. The importance of the retention tape is that it keeps the positioning of the molding. It also helps in keeping the glass in place. It will be of utmost importance if you wait for at least 24 hours to drive your car. Another tip would be to leave the retention tape untouched. It would help the glass to hold firmly.
You should not wash your car.
After you are windshield repair, you will need to wait for at least 24 hours to wash your car. Don’t try to wash your car yourself. You should also wait for at most three days before taking your car for a wash. Replacing your windshield from car body repair dubai is not cheap. You will need to take care of it. Follow the tips in this article.

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