Having a passport and nationality of the European Union that gives you free access to 180 countries is just one of the advantages of the Citizenship by investment in Cyprus program

In a world as highly globalized as today, it is common to find a large number of people living outside their country of origin. And if it is true that many do it out of necessity in search of a better job and new opportunities, others do it voluntarily.

An available option is citizenship by investment in cyprus, but here it is also essential to define your priorities, objectives, and needs. For example, if your decision is based on the sake of business expansion, you should choose Citizenship, where you are offered important business areas.
One of the best and oldest programs that exist throughout the European Union to emigrate under the Citizenship by Investment format is the one offered by the company VazirGroup with the Citizenship by investment in Cyprus program.
What are the advantages? They are many, such as they do not require a residency, and they do not ask you to take a language exam. The investment that the applicant must make is currently, with a VazirGroup promotion for Cyprus, of only 688,000 Euros that must be invested in the country’s natural companies, investment funds, or real estate.
Especially for those who are considering investment immigration, it is very important to have an immigration consultant like VazirGroup, who supports you at every stage. The highly professional staff guides you in choosing the best route to achieve your goals and a full orientation throughout the process, such as Citizenship by investment in Cyprus program.
The VazirGroup consultants make sure to assist you through every stage of your Citizenship by investment in Cyprus program in Cyprus because they are experts in the investment immigration branch. Creating immigration through investment solutions brings the benefit of obtaining a second passport that opens up a wide range of opportunities around the world before you, as with the Citizenship by investment in the cyprus program in Cyprus.

Posted on May 14, 2020